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Our eyes are daily exposed to radiation from smartphones, computers and other gadgets that visual acuity is reduced.

And it can be stopped!
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There are more and more people with poor eyesight every year!

The reason for this is an increase in eye strain. After all, televisions have become an integral part of our lives, computers and other gadgets, without which it is difficult for a modern person to do even a couple of hours.

Children from an early age sit in front of a tablet or laptop: time for board games and for a walk with friends have ceased to be interesting for them.

Adult in this endless vicious circle "Work-home-work" forgets about the most important thing - about health. Yes, and finding time to go to the doctor is sometimes difficult.

Home practices for restoring vision save not only time but also money. And the most important thing - help maintain visual acuity and read any works even in old age without glasses.

This will help preserve vision: universal rules

Sunglasses for bright weather
Giving up bad habits
Clear sleep and wake patterns
Walks in the open air
Neck massage
6 habits that ruin your eyesight
We cause serious damage to our own eyes every day and do not even think about it. Try to get rid from these habits in order to maintain visual acuity for many years ↓
Habit № 1: Constantly look at the screen
Use the 20/20/20 rule: every 20 minutes, take a 20-second break and look at an object away from you. you. This is a useful rest not only for the eyes, but for the whole organism as a whole.
Habit № 2: Wear poor quality sunglasses
When choosing sunglasses, make sure they protect your eyes from UV rays. And don't forget wear a wide-brimmed hat or cap with a large visor.
Habit № 3: Change contact lenses
Millions of bacteria live on the mucous membrane of the eyes. The longer you wear the same pair of lenses, the more microorganisms remains and the higher the chances of developing an eye infection.
Habit № 4: Take a little vitamins for the eyes
To preserve your eyesight, enrich your diet with vitamins and minerals. Take complexes that contain vitamins A, C, E and B12.
Habit № 5: Sleep with makeup
If it gets on the cornea of the eye, any cosmetics can provoke the development of an infection and even mechanical damage to the eyes.
Habit № 6: Not seen by an ophthalmologist
Even if your vision, in your opinion, is not impaired, you need to undergo an examination by an ophthalmologist at least every 6 months to prevent inflammation and swelling.
Taking into account all the important factors, we have created a course in which you will be accompanied from compiling a complete programs to visible results.
With our course you will keep your eyes healthy and visual acuity for many years.
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